Couples and astrology

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so I decided to write an article about couples and astrology. Astrology is constantly being asked about love and marriage. So I thought I would share with you some key aspects of a healthy couple.

Here are some results from a little study I did with friends. Many of the charts that I studied were for romantic couples. But I also found some platonic friend chart data. The results were very similar.

Editor’s note — You will find both positive and negative elements throughout this article. Positive aspects are trine, conjunction, and sextile (unless there is a need for specification), while negative aspects are squares and oppositions (unless there is a need for specification). You can find the explanation here. Trine is when two suns are 120 degrees apart. It brings ease and comfort. A conjunction is when two suns are at an identical degree for a similar sign. It combines energies to usually enhance both. Sextile refers to 60 degrees apart. Square is when two planets are 90 degrees from each other, which can lead to tension and challenges. While opposite means that the planets are 180 degrees away, complete opposites.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant Aspects:

Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects are very important in any relationship. This will bring together energy and like-mindedness to the relationship. A trine, sextile or conjunction between any of these placements would be wonderful for a relationship. It indicates a smooth flow of energy between the people involved. Both personalities are similar so they can blend well and enjoy one another’s company. Conjunctions are not always positive, but they can lead to mixed results.

However, oppositions and squares between these points can cause significant differences that will require the couple to overcome. The differences may be in personality (Sun/Ascendant) or they could be more instinctive emotional differences (Moon), but there will be differences with the square and opposition aspects.

Venus/Moon Aspects:

Both Venus and the Moon are important personal planets. Their relationship with each other is very important. Venus is a social and emotional planet. The Moon, on the other hand, is a social planet. Venus and the Moon have positive aspects that work well together, so it is not surprising that many couples love them. Both planets have gentle energie, which makes them a great couple.

Negative aspects between Venus & Moon, while they might indicate some attraction, usually indicate a greater distaste of each other’s behaviors. Although they may be attracted to one another, their emotional reactions are not balanced.

Mercury Aspects:

Mercury is a planet few people think about when thinking of relationships. But, without clear communication, how can a couple succeed? Mercury’s positive aspects indicate ease of communication. If there is a positive Mercury aspect, the couple will be able to communicate easily.

Communication can be difficult when Mercury placements between people are either negative or very hard. Mercury squares and oppositions make understanding each other’s intentions very difficult and arguments are common, usually because of misunderstandings or zodiac compatibility percentage misinterpretations. This is not a definite break-up indicator, but it can definitely make the relationship more turbulent.

Venus and Mars Aspects

The physical chemistry between a couple with a positive Venus/Mars aspect is unmistakable. These are the passionate couples who will give their all to one another. These couples can easily have intimate conversations with one another because their needs and desires are compatible. Venus can give Mars what it needs intimately and the planets are extremely attracted to one another.

Even couples with opposing Marses can have great chemistry. It might be a more difficult match than it looks, but Mars and Venus aspects can make for a wonderful couple, provided that there are other strong positive qualities.

Jupiter Aspects

With Jupiter, you don’t want a whole lot of aspects, as Jupiter can bring overindulgence to the relationship, but it can also bring joy and optimism. Jupiter needs to have enough personal planets with Jupiter so that the couple is happy and content in each others company, but not too many. Jupiter aspects can be a positive influence on a couple, making them more generous with each other and generally more positive.

Jupiter squares, oppositions, and other situations are where it gets a little overwhelming. The couple may buy gifts for each other constantly, draining their finances, or spend on trips and anything that makes them happy. The Jupiter partner will likely be the impulsive spender.

Saturn Aspects

Saturn aspects in relationships can bring a healthy amount of realistic thinking. Just as relationships need optimism and enthusiasm, they also need practicality. Saturn is a good «anchor», especially when it comes to positive aspects. These aspects help maintain a stable relationship through hard times.

Saturn’s negative aspects are harder to deal with, but not impossible. Saturn can be paired with Venus or the Moon to make it easier for them to work together in opposition or square. However, Saturn may just be too harsh about the person they are judging.

Uranus Aspects:

Uranus can bring a bit of chaos to everything it touches. This can make relationships exciting but can also cause problems for people who prefer a lot more peace and tranquility in their lives. Uranus’s trines, textiles, and sometimes combinations can provide some excitement. But in the case where squares or oppositions are involved, it could be too much.

My research revealed that successful relationships are balanced in all of these aspects. Friendships and romantic relationships were more difficult than those that thrived. The relationships that failed had more negative aspects and planets. While the happy ones had stronger trines, textiles, or conjunctions with more positive planets. However, balance is important and it can be difficult to manage relationships if you have too much. What matters is that you make an effort to work through the issues and savor the good in any relationship.

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